Christine M. Soltis

 Written by Christine M. Soltis.....Edited by Christie L. Johnson.....Cover Model Kayla Seybert.....

Welcome to the website for Author/Actress Christine M. Soltis.  Visit for additional excerpts.

"As he looked around him, he wondered...What had he killed this time?" -Final Moon

"I feel so normal around you..." -Final Moon

"Human skin is the mad mask of vulnerability." -A Dark Kaleidoscope

"There is no time in life to live with hatred in your heart." -A Dark Kaleidoscope

"Vengeance was the blackest retribution and the darkest scar to bear." - In A Land Of Change

"Through my eyes, I see nothing but black...Swirling winds in the skies, but there's no turning back..." -Pathways to the Maze

"Perhaps it was their charm that was their entrapment." -In A Land Of Hatred


Welcome to this brand new site for Christine M. Soltis.  You may still visit for official excerpts from the books.  Go ahead and explore the pages ahead!  More additions to come!




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